Hentina Limited

Welcome to Hentina Limited


  Hentina Limited is a dynamic freight forwarding company specialized in forwarding, customs clearance,

  transportation/haulage services, warehousing, transiting, distribution, packaging, project cargo shipment, consolidation

  door to door , import and export services, ship agency across the globe.


We provide a comprehensive range of Import and

 Export services, and have consistently  provided

 these services to our clients and been highly

 competitive due to our experience and loyalty. We

 believe that high quality service provides joy, not

 only to our customers but to the staff as well.

 Thus investment puts us ahead of our numerous

 competitors in the freight forwarding business and

 ensures that the goods of our clients are always in safe

 and competent hands.

 Our company is at the moment one of the leading

 companies involved in the transit business to land locked

 countries neighboring Ghana.

We are one of the few global organisations with the resources, reach, expertise and infrastructure to support shipping operations on a local, regional and global scale.
Also we provide for tankers, bulk carriers, cruises and co-ordinate with cargo charterers and receivers involved in tramp operations.

 We believe that in order to keep customers, carriers and

 business affiliates happy, we must operate with a high

 degree of quality consciousness. The company is

 dedicated to achieving leadership in its target markets by

 fully satisfying its customers’ needs and expectations.  


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